This policy reflects ACEITUNAS TORRES, S.L.’s commitment to ensuring the quality of our products and the need for this to be understood and communicated within and outside the organization.

Our company specialises in the Production and Marketing of the Table Olive and is committed to responding to the customer’s needs and expectations by complying with their legal and other requirements, to the continuous improvement of processes and to the food safety of our product by applying the following principles:

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our company policy is: To supply products with a level of quality which satisfies the needs and expectations of our customers and which, in turn, is geared towards protecting the environment and reducing pollution.
  • MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP. The Management is committed to this policy, which is the frame of reference for the establishing and periodic review of the company’s OBJECTIVES and goals and recognises the importance of environmental aspects when establishing those objectives and goals.
  • SOCIAL POLICY. The company takes into account the rights of employees with regard to the right to information and consultation, the right to negotiate and strike, and the right to fair and equitable working conditions with equal pay for men and women, making it possible to balance family and work, and takes every possible step to ensure the health of everybody in the company.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATION. The Management is committed to respecting and protecting the environment and complying with all legal and other requirements relating to the environment and to the quality and safety of food products which affect our activities.
  • OPTIMIZATION OF PROCESSES AND RESOURCES in order to provide a quality service with the greatest possible guarantees.
  • EMPLOYEE PARTICIPATION and MOTIVATION. Our employees are highly motivated and aware of the importance of their work with regard to achieving company objectives relating to Quality, the Environment and Food Safety.
  • DECISION-TAKING BASED ON DATA AND OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE. When it comes to taking decisions, we analyse the data in our Management System, taking into account Customer Complaints, Customer Satisfaction, Internal Audits, Non-Conformities, and Corrective and Preventive Actions.
  • COOPERATION AGREEMENTS/ MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIPS with Suppliers, Customers and other stakeholders.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT by means of the monitoring, measurement and analysis of processes, environmental aspects and food traceability.
  • FULFILMENT OF THE OBLIGATION TO SUPPLY PRODUCTS WHICH ARE SAFE and legal in accordance with the quality specified and to assume any liability with regard to our customers.

Our organisation’s commitment to quality, environmental protection and reducing pollution, to the safety of our products and to compliance with social actions, does not end when we obtain ISO or any other certification but remains as an ongoing challenge to search for continuous improvement.

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European Regional Development Funds

ISO 90001 and 14001 Certificates